Three Storytelling Lessons from Film

We're going to dive right in. 

The Importance of Honesty

Imagine committing armed robbery as a 17-year-old. Imagine going to prison for it. Imagine getting out, graduating from college and being accepted to NYU's graduate program in film. Imagine unpacking that mistake into your thesis film. A film that has since debuted at SXSW and played in festivals and libraries and community centers throughout the country. A film you can download for free via PBS through February 10.

To watch Evolution of a Criminal is to watch searing honesty and gifted storytelling. More than courageous, Darius Clark Monroe's work is compelling. And it's something to remember when you're telling stories of your own. 

The Importance of Form

(First a mea culpa--I put this post on hold for a few weeks and now can't find the original article I wanted to reference. No matter. This one from the film curator at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art is good too.


As we enter awards season, Austin's own Richard Linklater is getting all kinds of attention for his film Boyhood. Linklater is a master of playing with format--filming a movie over 12 years is his latest example. To storytellers, be like Linklater. Don't take form at face value. Can you play with it? Turn it on its head? Adapt a story to a channel's particular strengths? Tell a story on a new platform? Tell a story in an unexpected way? 

The Importance of Humor...And Form...And Honesty

Austin director and friend Joe Nicolosi turned the storytelling model on its head by having someone who hardly knows the story tell the story. The result is comic gold. And storytelling gone viral. This is an oldie but a goodie truly worth your 3+ minutes. Enjoy. 

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