The Week's Wrap-up: Spec work, femvertising, Periods and the NYC subway

It's been a great week for wisdom packaged in humor to make the pathos more palatable. First, a perennial favorite: spec work. If you don't know what spec work is, this short video should explain it nicely. I first saw this on Adweek, and it has since made the rounds of all the people who have ever joined me in nights and weekends of free labor.

"It's time we all said no to spec."

Next up...a femvertising satire so incredibly pitch perfect, I feel like I've heard the music in other agency videos and heard the words in real-life meetings. Also first seen in Adweek. (And while pubic hair is seen, I would still consider this safe for work.)

"Empowering their incredibilities."

While we're on the topic of women's ladybits, an unexpected but welcome update on the controversial Thinx campaign originally deemed too controversial for the NYC Subway. Read about the campaign.

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