See The Four Spots that Make Rubberband Slingshot's Unranked, Unrated, Highly Subjective Super Bowl Spot List

For my first job out of college, I worked for DMB&B. Agency of record to Budweiser. Coca-Cola. M&M Mars. Creator of the Budweiser frogs and Skittles "Taste the Rainbow" campaign.

As you can imagine, the Super Bowl was required watching. And after watching, Monday morning quarterbacking was also mandatory. At an all-agency meeting, we all brought in our list of favorite spots to see how they compared with those chosen by the powers that be.

I was shocked how many I got wrong.

I told myself, "You're not a creative, of course you don't know," because, at the time, I was a media planner for Coca-Cola. But I've since become a creative, an awarded one, and I still get them wrong. I've learned a lot since then--1) I'm not always the target. Some things don't resonate with me because they're not supposed to; 2) It's a commercial, not art. So if you can't remember the brand name, it doesn't matter how clever it was, it didn't do its job; 3) It's subjective.

So in the spirit of the subjective, I'm going to list spots that I have (somewhat tenuous) personal connections to. Or you can watch all of them here

Rubberband Slingshot's Highly Subjective Super Bowl Spot List

1. Remember how we talked about three storytelling lessons from film in the last blog post -  Including playing with form? Chevy did just that

2. I'm a BBDO alum. They used a JFK speech ("Come back to the sea.") in a spot for Carnival to, in their words, elevate the category and change the conversation around cruising. Watch and comment--did they do it? 

3. My parents grew up in the shadow of the St. Louis Budweiser plant, the aroma of hops pervasive--especially in the summer. (To this day, they don't drink beer.) You already know I worked for Budweiser's once-upon-a-time agency. You may not know that I love dogs and Clydesdales, but I do. And the actor is from Texas. So of course I have to love this commercial.

4. You already know Coca-Cola was a former client, so I'm going to give them a shout-out for using their time to try to change the tone and timbre of online conversation. Beyond the spot, they've made a very clever social media campaign--you see a negative tweet? Retweet it, tagged #makeithappy and Coca-Cola will respond with a happy drawing made from the words of the negative post. Go Make It Happy. 

On that highly positive note, I'm going to go watch the rest of this game. 



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