3 More Life Lessons from Agency Creatives

When your week has been like this one--non-stop meetings, a planner that's color-coded to keep track of all the responsibilities, no more room on the white board, and the nagging feeling that nothing will ever get checked off the done list again, it helps to remember why you do the work. And how you can do it better.

So I'm revisiting that 2014 CA Advertising Annual for three more great thoughts from agency creatives. And I'm checking blog post off my color-coded planner. Friday for the win!

‘Be patient with clients and keep asking why. If you can get to the root of what they mean, rather than react to what they’re asking for, you’ll often find your way to a better answer.’
— Erik Enberg, senior vice president and group creative director, Arnold Worldwide, quoting Damon Collins
Always be direct and fair in your feedback as a leader. It’s easy to be the lazy CD that tells creatives everything is crap. It’s much harder to articulate why and motivate your creative team to figure out a solution.
— Pam Fujimoto, executive creative director, Wongdoody LA on one of the most valuable lessons she learned from Tracy Wong
You have to be brave and commit to your choices in the face of adversity. If you waver, nothing will turn out the way you imagined it.
— Sue Anderson, executive create director, Crispin Porter + Bogusky on what she learned from Sandy deWitt
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