"Why are you named rubberband slingshot if you sell neither rubberbands nor slingshots?"

The name Rubberband Slingshot came from a very memorable afternoon in Rubberband Slingshot founder Aimee's childhood. Her dignified, elegant grandmother salvaged a boring afternoon by 1) teaching Aimee and her brother to make rubberband slingshots and 2) bending over in the living room and holding a couch cushion over her derriere to provide a proper target.

Ever since, for Aimee the rubberband slingshot has symbolized ingenuity and the ability to use the simplest of tools to effectively solve a problem. At Rubberband Slingshot, we believe content should be like that--you understand the people you're addressing and respond to them in a way they can understand and appreciate. A rubberband slingshot is strategy, creation and targeted distribution all in one go.

"Fine. But I came here to make a rubberband slingshot. What supplies do i need?"

If you wish to make a rubberband slingshot, you will need two fingers and a rubberband. Unfortunately, Rubberband Slingshot sells neither rubberbands nor slingshots. So if you came here to procure either, we are very sorry for the confusion.

"Where can i get a rubberband?"

Check your produce, a newspaper or the backs of your desk drawers for free rubberbands. If you turn up empty handed, you may have to purchase a rubberband. We recommend your local grocery store, office supply store or grandparents. Grandparents nearly always have rubberbands.

"Which fingers do I use?"

Standard rubberband slingshot technique recommends using your pointer and middle fingers as they are typically the strongest digits. A slightly unorthodox technique would be to use your pointer finger and thumb, but the variance in digit length can complicate aiming accuracy.


"But how do i do it?"

To read how to make a rubberband slingshot, visit this Instructable. If you have one minute and three seconds, watch this YouTube video:

Please note: Rubberband slingshot is not responsible for any rubberband-powered incidents or injuries.

So be smart. Have your grandmother hold a cushion over her rear end before you take aim. And never shoot at anyone's face. That's just not cool.